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Good quality Promotional umbrellas for sales
Good quality Promotional umbrellas for sales
Customer Reviews
Hi Justin,thanks for your knid help and shipped our umbrella goods smoothly,it's a good experience work with you...thanks~

—— Hana Chang from Korea

Thank you ,great job. I will definitely recommend you to everyone I talk to about promotional products..... Very impressed .

—— Alves, Ana Cristina from Australia

we received the goods. Thank you for all of your help! I will definitely recommend Quality Logo Products and look forward to doing business with u.

—— Alves Pinho, Eber from Brasil

I am extremely satisfied with your service and how everyone worked with me on getting the Logo placed.

—— Robert from USA

Justin, a pleasure to work with you, you took care of everything so quickly, made this item better than I ever dreamed,

—— Lyndie from Canada

Thank you so much for getting our order done so quickly and delivered with time to spare!

—— Rex from Hongkong

Thank you so much! It was a pleasure doing business with you as well! We absolutely LOVE these!


“The umbrellas arrived in perfect shape and they are great. I love the colors and the logo is super. Thank you so much for such a good job !

—— Margie S, Saratoga Springs,

Just wanted to let you know that I was thrilled when I received my order of the daisy umbrellas. This product is great for the price.

—— Karty Wilson, WA

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  • Production Line

    Personalised Umbrellas Custom Made To Your Specifications

    At Huifeng Umbrella we build all of our umbrellas  in our factory. We take pride in manufacturing fully personalised, bespoke umbrellas that embody our clients’ brand identities from tip to handle. Whether you want products for retail use or promotional purposes, our minimum order is always as you want!

    Be creative! At the Huifeng factory, umbrella printing and branding is done prior to the canopy panels being stitched together, so there are no restrictions to printing. Yes, you can print all over the entire canopy – or even print photographic quality artwork on it. You’ve come to the ultimate source for custom branded umbrellas, at very competitive prices. Since all our products are factory direct, they are incredibly affordable, while the quality is unbeatable.

    FREE Custom Designs and Printed Samples



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Why do business with HUIFENG Umbrella Co., LTD?

    A: 1. Strict Quality Assurance System: We’ve used one of the strictest QA systems in the umbrella industry to assure the high quality products and high level of customer satisfaction, from sample development, order follow-up to final shipment . Our experienced QA will stay at the factory to guarantee the manufacturing products matching to customer’s requirements. Our advanced instruments are extensively utilized to scientifically test the important elements of quality such as color fastness, seam slippage. We also offer protection to our customers by the defective products replacement program we provided. With this program, we will replace all defective products to ensure that we meet all our customer’s requirements.

    2. The Most Competitive Pricing: We supply our customers the high quality umbrella products with most competitive prices among China umbrella manufacturers and umbrellas wholesale suppliers. Frankly speaking our competitive price is the key reason for our success. We usually offer the lowest prices for the same high quality products.

    3. On-time Delivery: We understand that on-time delivery is very critical to our customers. We have established a special order monitoring and delivery control system to assure every order can be shipper out on/before the delivery date. Our order monitoring and control system, combined with our production capacity, will allow us to complete the urgent orders within a short delivery.

    4. Comprehensive Customer Service: Our merchandiser will provide in-person customer service to our customers until they are completely satisfied with the received the shipment.

    5. Professional Team and Elite Management: We are very proud of saying that the people at Huifeng Umbrella Co., Ltd are our most valuable resource. Huifeng Umbrella employees represent a group of highly experienced profession in the umbrella industry.


    Q: What is your production capacity per month?

    A: Now we can manufacture more than 200,000 piece umbrellas per month.


    Q: What is your strength?

    A: Under the guaranteed quality and competitive price, we have good reputation and creditability in EU, UK, USA and South American market.


    Q: What are your payment terms? Normally the following 3 payment term are acceptable.

    A: 1) For small order, we will request cash or T/T payment for full amount in advance.
    2) Order value less than US$50,000, 50% deposit by T/T, balance payment TT before shipment.
    3) Order value more than US$ 50,000, the payment term can be negotiated.


    Q: What are your holidays?

    A: We have 2 major holidays. 1) Chinese New Year, the dates are different each year and usually are in late January or February for 10-14days.
    2) National Holiday, from October 1 to 7 Ordering Samples


    Q: How much for a standard sample?

    A: Sample cost plus US$80 for handling cost and freight charge. You may also provide us with your freight collect account number with one of the major world-wide express companies (eg.: DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, etc.). All expenses are payable prior to a sample being sent. Long-term customers may not be charged except for the freight charge.


    Q: How much for a 100% correct sample without placing the order?

    A: Sample cost plus US$100 for handling cost and freight charge. Please note that normally 100% correct samples are not possible due to MOQ for the fabrics and trims in your customised color.


    Q: How much for a correct sample if I have placed an order?

    A: There is no sample charge if you have placed the order already, just signing back the Proforma Invoice and arranging the deposit except for the freight charge.



    OEM Service

    We can put your logo on all the umbrella products from our OEM / ODM section. Our terms are very flexible: we offer printing of your own logo on the product for Minimum Order of 100pcs. If your order exceeds certain order q’ty (depent on different products)- the printing tooling cost service will be free of charge. If you require custom packaging, we can offer that for orders of 1000pcs and above. Usually the whole process takes 10 days or less.


    Umbrella Rib



    Regarding the umbrella rib, it is the frame that supports the umbrella, the important factor that effects umbrella quality, and the important point effects umbrella price. Considering umbrella ribs, we need to start from material and upper frame:

    Classify by Material:
    1. Aluminum (or alloy) rib:

    Advantage: light weight, cheaper price, high rate in market.

    Disadvantage: easy to broken off, weak in windproof 
    2. Metal (Full steel) rib:

    Advantage: strong and long lifetime, bit expensive than Aluminum rib, lower rate in market than Aluminum rib.

    Disadvantage: a little bit heavy and thick, easy to rust when meet with acidic matter.
    3. Fiber glad rib:

    Advantage: light, long lifetime and strong in windproof, popular in brand umbrellas.

    Disadvantage: more expensive
    4. Carbon Fiber rib:

    Advantage: Light

    Disadvantage: normal in windproof, the most expensive one in all material, we can find it among top grade product.  
    5. Wooden (Bamboo) rib:

    Advantage: used in traditional umbrellas, with history feature

    Disadvantage: easy to mildew, change color and ageing, it is more heavy.

    P.S: When we considering material of umbrella ribs, more attention need to pay on process. High quality ribs should be covered with fine and meticulous feeling on plating or lacquering, and the finish of ribs is managed carefully, and with dainty rivet 

    Classify by Frame:
     It is just the foldable umbrella. The parasol can be classified as straight frame, two folding frame, three folding frame, five folding frame and auto open-folding frame.


    Folding inside and outside:  Some Korean modern umbrellas are straight frame, this kind of umbrellas are beautiful. As so far, we always see three and five folding umbrellas, of which largest characteristic is convenient, can be packed in a small bag. The Auto open-folding and folding inside frame is easier to handle, since it needless to pack up frame, suit for man to avoid packing up frame step by step.

    PS: The mentioned 6k, 8k in market, it is for 6 branch and 8 branch. For more windproof, the number of branch is also important besides considering quality of frame. 

    About umbrella fabric--Important
    In polyester fiber, there is benzene ring inside its molecular structure, that can suck Ultraviolet, so it is best in protecting Ultraviolet. In chemical fiber, the Nylon, Mucilage glue (Artificial cotton, Artificial silk), and In natural fiber, the cotton, silk, the ability of protecting UV is un-ideal 

    Let’s check what they are
    1. Satin fabric, looks like damask, heavy and deep feeling, low luminousness, some rate of defending sunshine 

    2. Silver adhesive plaster, Pearl adhesive plaster is the normal coating fabric. Per se silver glue, it can’t defend UV, but it will hold up UV. Silver adhesive plaster depends on process of silvering, can be brushing and steaming silver, which use steam to coating the silver glue, more equality. There is difference between silver glue, four layer and two layer silver, of course we can see, four layer is more protecting than two layer, but it is easy to be black, easy to broken at joint. We’d better choose one with silver adhesive plaster inside, that is difficult to break off. Yarn-dyeing fabric is made by organic changing of yarn of bleach or colorful cotton, wool, silk, hemp and chemical fiber

    3. satin is a kind of fabric. Its raw material is to be cotton, or blending, or chemical fiber. The organic of fabric is 4/1 stain weave, which is with better lustrous and feel of overhanging. It is soft that feels like silk. As so far, there is jacquard stain, silver onion stain and transfer printing stain in market 

    Classify by material: 

    4. Nylon: Under irradiation of UV, because of the long chain of fiber molecular is easy to be oxidation and ruptured, so the intention of Nylon decreased and lifetime shortened, that means Nylon material does not defend UV, not suit for sunshade umbrella, but for rain umbrella


    5. Cotton: The cotton sunshade umbrella can’t use for rain, as cotton is expensive, not easy to wash, and easy to mildew if wet. So cotton umbrella is just for sunshade, but not for both.。 

    6. Hemp: same as above, this material is always with embroidery, and expensive, the umbrella is beautiful. The modern sandal and handbag are made of hemp, if with another hemp umbrella, we will win high rate second glance. The hemp umbrella should be modern lady's first choice 

    7.Lace: it is women’s favorite. These years, people are being not satisfied with lace on cloth and bag, so there appear many beautiful lace umbrellas. Lace in itself is without ability of defending sun, but relies on inside material. If the inside material is Nylon, then the umbrella is even worse on defending sun


    8. Chameleon: this material in fact is Nylon! It uses special skill of changing organic to make different color on two sides of fabric, meanwhile, we put into colorful flashing thread to make glisten effect when turning umbrella 


    9. Fabric of jacquard stain, silver onion stain and transfer printing stain, polyester micro fiber, PG and T/C, we can see their defending ability in below table:



    Umbrella Fabic

    Silver adhesive plaster

    Pearl adhesive plaster

    Stain fabric

    Cotton and polyester interweave fabric


    PG fabric

    Chameleon fabric

    Flashing fabric

    UPF Rate
























    According to standard: GB/T18830-2002《Textiles-Evaluation for solar Ultraviolet radiation protective properties》


    Prototype samples:

    The sample need 3-7 days to make, and the bulk lead time will be 15-30days after the samples' confirmation

    Logo and pattern technique:

    Screen/Silk Screen Printing can be heat transfer print, direct print, jet-ink printing, sublimation, hot-fix, flocking printing and discharge print ect. This screening can be either single or multicolored.








    ODM Service




    More and more companies decide to differentiate their products in the market with unique design. We can provide assistance in developing your own, exceptional products, based on our solutions.

    We would encourage you to use the below form to contact with our OEM/ODM Department for more details, we will reply to your email within 12 hours!

    OEM/ODM Manufacturer and supplier of high quality rain umbrellas, fashion umbrellas, Parasols,golf umbrellas, kids umbrellas, beach umbrellas, pop up tents,


    Sample Availability & Policy

    Samples are sent by express, usually via customer’s appointed express companies, such as FEDEX, UPS, DHL etc.  Production begins as soon as the customer agree to our terms, upon receipt of customer's sample approval comments. 

  • R&D

    Guangzhou Huifeng umbrella co.,ltd  insists on the R&D ideal of "Fashion, stand wear and tear,make varied".

    We are always keep developing materials and patterns,improving quality day by day.


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